We insist on using the finest materials

Whether it be semi-precious stones, metal chains, cast elements or plating, we choose our suppliers carefully. We also inspect our materials frequently, to make sure you get the same standard with any order, every time. This is what makes our brand known for its quality.

Semi-precious stones - We use a large variety of the finest stones in our designs. Among them you can find Hematite, Hyolite, Coral, Pyrite, Basalt, Agate, Onyx, Lava, Quart, Turquoise and more.

Metal Chains - Diamond-cut metal chains are our favorite. though now available for all sizes, wherever we can we use only diamond cut chains. They are the absolute finest of all chains.

Coating - Each metal chain used in our designs is plated with an electric (silver) or chemical (gold) process, which helps to keep the jewelry for much longer. We use Sterling Silver 925, Oxyde Silver, 14-24 Karat Gold.



All our jewelry is crafted by hand, and some are more delicate than others (stone pieces).

To preserve your jewelry for many years, please follow these instructions:

Try to avoid wetting you jewelry piece. Please remove your jewelry before entering pools, ocean water, taking a bath or a shower or when doing dishes.

When using perfume, avoid spraying it directly on to your jewelry piece, as it may cause discoloration.

When using lotions and other beauty products, apply them prior to putting on your jewelry piece.

Do not clean plated jewelry with chemicals. Instead, gently wipe with a cloth.


If after following these instructions, you feel your jewelry needs repair, please contact us at contact@karnicraft.com