Karni is a passionate international jewelry designer based in Israel. She created her first collection in 2004. Aspiring to create exceptional pieces of jewelry, Karni combines the finest raw materials in each of her designs and executes the design and creation process with meticulous, practiced skill.  Inspiration for her designs is drawn from the world of rock & roll and united with soft feminine materials such as pearls, fine stones and laces.  Opposites attract and the finished pieces are “balanced, textured, unique and empowering,” according to clients’ descriptions of Karni’s collections.

“A good piece of jewelry is that great blend of craft and artistry. ‘Craft’ because a fine jewel needs to be impeccably made and ‘Artistry’ so that same jewel excites the spirit.”  - Karni

Karni’s Israeli roots have had a vital influence on her work. Her passion for quality materials united with balanced designs creates enduring and empowering personal style.

As a student in Tel Aviv, she discovered her craft and shifted her attention to designing personal style elements for friends and colleagues. Creating and running her business gave Karni the ability to ensure unparalleled quality in each piece she produced. This continues to be the underlying ethos of Karni Craft.

Karni Craft, the dream that began 15 years ago, has evolved into a well-known jewelry brand among the fashion-forward movement in Israel.  Taking part in dozens of fashion shows, fashion productions, TV shows, worn by models, celebrities, singers and influencers, Karni Craft continues to impress, empower and inspire its wearers.

Since 2004 Karni's jewelry has been sold in over 50 boutique stores in Israel and abroad (New York, Amsterdam, London, South Africa and Turkey). But the reality of retail is changing; customer consuming is changing.  In May 2018, Karni took a brave step in order to meet these market changes and to enable 30% off designs by taking all her jewelry out of retail stores and going online exclusively…