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How do you stack up?

Karni's personality is multi-layered with many sides that she loves to express and, after over a decade of interacting with and styling thousands of customers, Karni finds that this is a universal for all women.  It’s time to let the beautiful variety of personality traits that often contrast within you reveal themselves as your mood desires.  Are you trendy yet unique, are you mischievous but classic, are you casually couture or maybe your wild and assertive side is ready to make its debut? 

Stacking bracelets and necklaces that vary in look and style is one way that Karni expresses her current vibe and mood. Karni has created and continues to create pieces inspired by the vast possibilities of characters that thrive within us all. 

Reveal your inner layers and stack up with Karni Craft... the possibilities are all you.

New on Karni Craft

Classic T Clasp Curb Chain Necklace

Wear our classic T clasp curb chain silver plated necklace to create a beautiful, sexy look for business or casual.

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Wings & Leather Earrings - Black & Silver

Sterling silver pin earring with genuine leather and silver plated falling necklaces with wings design that go from day to evening, casual too dressy.

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Classic Necklaces Stack - Gold Plated

Necklace stacking with gold chains to add style to a classic black/white t-shirt outfit. This set includes our Classic t clasp curb chain and Clio Necklaces. 

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From The Press

Chace Crawford star of "The Boys" 
for AugustMan Magazine,
wearing Leo Bracelet Stack
Photographer: Charlie Gray 
Styling: Kristen Ingersoll 

Meet Karni

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