How to measure your wrist size?

Step 1: Either use our downloadable measuring tape or take a thin string or strip of paper and encircle your wrist between your wrist bone and your hand. Holding the string/strip against your skin, be sure to mark the exact point where the sting/strip meets the other end – do not overlap the ends or you will not get an accurate measurement.

Step 2: Spread the string/strip and measure its length on a ruler. Please pay attention to the units of measurement on the ruler (Inches or Centimeters).

Step 3: Match the measurement of your wrist to the correlating row in the Size Chart below.
The size you should pick when ordering a bracelet is the one that is closest in size to the wrist size you measured. If your wrist size is exactly between two sizes you could either choose the smaller size for tighter fit, or the larger size for a looser fit, depending on how you like to wear your bracelets.

When ordering, we advise you to mention your exact wrist size and if you have a personal preference for a tighter or a looser fit in the comments section. This will ensure that we will be able to fit your bracelet size to your exact wrist size and personal preference.

Please pay careful attention to the following:
* Do not use stretchable string for measuring
* Use the exact size of measuring when picking bracelet size. We will add enough length to your bracelet to give it the perfect loose and comfy fit.
* Do not measure another bracelet for fit & size – only measure your wrist as instructed above. Ordering based on anything other than your measured wrist size could lead to choosing the wrong size for you.

Click HERE to download a printable measuring tape


Size Wrist Measurements in Inches  Wrist Measurements in centimeters
XS 5.5 - 5.75 14 - 14.6
S 5.75 - 6.125 14.6 - 15.5
M 6.125 - 6.5 15.5 - 16.5
L 6.5 - 6.875 16.5 - 17.5
XL 6.875 - 7.25 17.5 - 18.4
XXL 7.25 - 7.5 18.4 - 19